Book Launch
49th anniversary sale
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Book Launch
49th anniversary sale
Intro to Stat and Econometrics image

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This book invites learners to embark on an individual and group quest for knowledge, skills, and attitudes pertaining to the form and function of the special senses and related organ-systems.

The interactive, programmed text of each module is interspersed with activities, illustrative cases and review sections, anatomy dissection guidelines, interesting facts and trivia, and tips for health-promotion and disease-prevention.

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Events and Promos


The UP Press will be launching nine new titles on April 04, 2014, 5:00 pm at the West Wing Gallery of the Vargas Museum. 

Tattered Boat
Luis H. Francia

Transfiksyon: Mga Kathang In-Transit
Rolando B. Tolentino
Rommel B. Rodriguez

The Murmur Asylum: Poems
Ned Parfan

History of Ilocos: Volumes I and II
Isabelo Florentino de los Reyes
Translated by Maria Elinora Peralta-Imson


View the full list of UP Press books in digital format at the local store or refer to this listing by retailer.


  1. A History of the Philippines -
  2. An Embarrassment of Riches -
  3. Beautiful Accidents: Stories -
  4. Damaged People: Tales of the Gothic-Punk -